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2002 Grantees

AID Atlanta
$ 100,000
Support for the continued operation of the on-site HIV Testing & Counseling Clinic and to expand outreach and oral testing efforts among underserved high-risk populations in metro Atlanta with an emphasis on the Latino population.

AIDS Survival Project
$ 160,000
Support for the creation of the Georgia HIV Advocacy Network, a coalition building effort to design a statewide advocacy program incorporating best practices from successful HIV/AIDS advocacy programs.

Albany Area Primary Health Care, Inc.
$ 100,000
Support for the provision of primary healthcare services for the poor and underserved in five counties in Southwest Georgia eligible to participate in the Indigent Drug Program.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association of Georgia, Inc.
$ 15,000
General operating support for the implementation of a website-based database in order to better track the progress of those suffering from ALS in Georgia and to increase the numbers of patients they serve.

Appalachian Community Enterprises, Inc.
$ 10,000
Support of the Quality of Life Candidates Forum 2002 to be held on September 28, 2002 at Macon State, promoting public awareness of the position of Georgia's Governor and Lt. Governor regarding health issues including healthcare access for the disabled.

Atlanta Women's Foundation
$ 365,500
Support for an initiative of five organizations working to address reproductive healthcare issues for underserved women and girls in 22 metropolitan Atlanta counties.

Clarkston Community Center Foundation, Inc.
$ 155,000
Support for the Community Health Promoter Program and the promotion of health and well-being among the refugee and immigrant populations in DeKalb County and surrounding areas.

Community Foundation of Central Georgia
$ 80,000
Support of a collaborative health plan developed by the community foundation, United Way and Health Care Central Georgia, Inc. to benefit residents in Central Georgia with specific attention to the medically uninsured.

Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley, Inc.
$ 75,000
Support to create a donor-advised fund for investing in community health-oriented projects with the focus of improving the delivery of direct health services and access to care in West Central Georgia.

Emory University
$ 17,000
Support for the Southeastern Center for Emerging Biologic Threats and a January, 2003 regional conference on West Nile Virus to protect and promote the health of communities in Georgia; and to integrate and coordinate efforts to improve healthcare.

Emory University
$ 10,000
Support of the Rollins School of Public Health's Center for Research on Health Disparities 2002-2003 Lecture Series.

Foundation of Wesley Woods, Inc.
$ 80,000
Support for a health and wellness program to benefit elderly, low-income residents of Asbury Harris Epworth Towers in Southwest Atlanta and Branan Towers in East Atlanta.

Georgia Association for Primary Health Care, Inc.
$ 350,000
Support to fund eight community health center projects that address the elimination of health disparities in selected chronic diseases.

Georgia Cancer Foundation, Inc.
$ 100,000
General operating support for a breast health education and breast cancer survivor support organization serving medically underserved women in Atlanta, Macon and 17 rural counties.

Georgia Center for Nonprofits, Inc.
$ 8,000
Support for the Rural Philanthropy Initiative to strengthen the network of community-based health nonprofits in Albany.

Georgia Health Decisions, Inc.
$ 125,000
Support for the expansion of Critical Conditions, an end-of-life healthcare program throughout Georgia's rural hospitals.

Georgia Legal Services Program, Inc.
$ 140,000
Support for a Latino-Hispanic Health Care Advocacy Project providing legal advice, council, representation and education regarding healthcare access for the Latino population in 24 northeast rural Georgia counties.

Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network, Inc.
$ 195,000
Support for Georgians for a Common Sense Health Plan and nonpartisan policy research and analysis designed to improve the availability, quality and appropriateness of healthcare services in Georgia.

Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance, Inc.
$ 88,000
General operating support to fund activities important to the early detection of ovarian cancer among the underserved and ethnically diverse populations of metropolitan Atlanta.

Georgia Partnership for Caring Foundation, Inc.
$ 280,000
General operating support for staffing, capacity building, case management and strategic planning for its volunteer healthcare network that provides health access to low-income, uninsured Georgia residents.

Georgia Public Health Association, Inc.
$ 3,000
Support of the 73rd Annual Meeting and Conference entitled 'Connecting Globally, Responding Locally' to be held on September 3, 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Good News Clinics
$ 80,000
General operating support to bolster the Center's capacity to absorb a 25% annual increase in its multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-lingual patient population in Gainesville and Hall County, Georgia.

Good Samaritan Health Center, Inc.
$ 101,000
General operating support to replicate GSHC's model in West Cobb and to develop funds for healthcare services to the medically uninsured in West Cobb County and Atlanta, Georgia.

Health Care Central Georgia, Inc.
$ 150,000
Support for the provision of health services to uninsured medically indigent 19 to 64-year-old residents of Central Georgia with diabetes, depression, heart disease or hypertension.

Morehouse School of Medicine, Inc.
$ 10,000
Support of the National Center for Primary Care and the 2nd Secretary's Conference at Morehouse School of Medicine on November 18, 2002.

National Center for Black Philanthropy, Inc.
$ 12,000
Support for health disparities sessions at the Fourth National Conference on Black Philanthropy to be held in Atlanta, Georgia June 12-14, 2003.

North Georgia AIDS Alliance, Inc.
$ 10,000
Support for a major regional HIV/AIDS conference titled 'Embracing the HIV/AIDS Challenge in Rural North Georgia' scheduled for April 3-4, 2003.

North Georgia Community Foundation
$ 320,000
Support for a healthcare organization capacity building project to provide core support grants, organizational management training and technical assistance to as many as eight health related nonprofits in 15 counties in North Georgia.

Reaching Out Foundation, Inc.
$ 5,000
Support for the Emergency Assistance Fund providing financial assistance, health education services about disease management and financial planning for severely underserved Georgians affected by cystic fibrosis.

Richmond County Medical Society Project Access, Inc.
$ 100,000
General operating support to manage the physician referral network, patient appointment software and the recruitment of physician volunteers who provide comprehensive medical care to Richmond County's uninsured residents.

Southeast Community Research Center, Inc.
$ 150,000
Support for an initiative to build community-researcher collaborations in health research, provide workshops and conduct research and intervention programs with the goal of improving the health of Georgians.

Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia, Inc.
$ 160,000
General operating support to strengthen the organization's development and fundraising capacity to promote independent living and access to healthcare for the disabled in Georgia.

Taylor Regional Hospital
$ 140,000
Support for Focus on Men's Health, which provides health screenings and health education to men in the rural counties of Bleckley, Crawford, Crisp, Dooly, Macon, Pulaski, Schley, Taylor, Telfair, Twiggs and Wilcox.

The Community Foundation for the Central Savannah River Area
$ 175,000
Donor advised fund.

Union Mission, Inc.
$ 100,000
Support to expand dental care and prescription assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies for the homeless and medically indigent of Chatham and Effingham counties.

United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc.
$ 74,740
Support for three United Way agencies (Dalton, Augusta and Valdosta) to complete the expansion of each community's Georgia 2-1-1 service with an emphasis on collecting and providing healthcare information.

University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.
$ 80,000
Support to collect public opinion data on a variety of health and healthcare issues facing Georgians.

Urban Primary Health Care Network
$ 100,000
Support to expand primary healthcare access through strategic planning and network integration among three Atlanta area Federally Qualified Community Health Centers.

Visiting Nurse \ Hospice Atlanta
$ 150,000
General operating support for the provision of hospice care and the financial stabilization (bridge funding) of hospice costs in 27 Georgia counties.