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2004 Grantees

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association of Georgia, Inc.
$ 70,000
Support for the Medical College of Georgia ALS clinic serving ALS patients and families in the southeastern and rural counties of Georgia.

Athens Neighborhood Health Center, Inc.
$ 85,000
General operating support to fund strategic planning and board development to strengthen organizational effectiveness, and physician services to enhance healthcare to medically underserved Athens-Clarke county residents.

Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
$ 10,000
Support to establish the Certificate in Health Care Management Program through Georgia LEADS (Lifelong Education and Economic Development Services) addressing shortages in health professional management training.

Center for Black Women's Wellness, Inc.
$ 80,000
Support to continue and evaluate its wellness program providing key health screenings, health promotion activities, targeted outreach, and services coordination/referral to underserved African American women in Atlanta.

Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley, Inc.
$ 12,000
Support for a community assets and critical issues assessment, a collaborative effort to educate donors through a report on the community's health needs in eight counties in west central Georgia.

$ 100,000
Support for the 'transitions' program managing the process of moving disabled, institutionalized Georgians in Macon and Atlanta to community living alternatives that promote a healthy quality of life.

Emory University
$ 10,000
Support to invite Dr. Ichiro Kawachi, a Professor of Social Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, to lecture during the 2004 spring semester.

Emory University
$ 130,000
Support for independent analyses of health expenditures in Georgia and three different universal health coverage options for Georgia.

Emory University - Office of Sponsored Programs
$ 109,000
Support for research aimed at reducing health disparities among Georgians by focusing on health literacy.

FCS Urban Ministries Inc.
$ 1,500
Support for a briefing paper on the health dimensions of homelessness in Georgia.

Foundation Center-Atlanta
$ 40,000
Support to provide grantwriting workshops to nonprofit health organizations in LaGrange, Thomasville and Gainesville.

Georgia Budget and Policy Institute
$ 250,000
Support to analyze Georgia budget and tax policies that affect health and access to healthcare, and to communicate effectively with policymakers and the public about the impact of these policies.

Georgia Center for Nonprofits, Inc.
$ 6,700
Support to organize, manage and deliver the Investing in Sustainability Breakfast and workshop to be held September 16, 2004 in Atlanta.

Georgia Coalition for Physical Activity & Nutrition, Inc.
$ 180,000
Support for the development and implementation of an organized statewide approach to community-based advocacy and public education about obesity, overweight, and physical inactivity among Georgia’s school-aged population. Phys RFP

Georgia Commission on Women
$ 10,000
Support for the Childhood Overweight Initiative (CHOW) pilot program to be implemented in five rural, Georgia elementary schools.

Georgia Department of Human Resources/Georgia Division of Public Health
$ 85,000
Support the 2004/2005 Georgia student health surveys to be conducted jointly by the Georgia Department of Human Resources and the Department of Education.

Georgia Health Policy Center
$ 107,500
Support to model the fiscal and economic impact of state Medicaid and PeachCare changes, assess the economic impact of Medicaid on the state, and conduct a case study of Community Health Works in Central Georgia. Fisc RFP

Georgia Rural Health Association, Inc.
$ 206,000
Support to increase provider and patient education in up to 25 rural nonprofit hospitals, including critical access facilities in Georgia, through a matching grant program and collaborative enrollment effort in TiP-TV and The Patient Channel.

Georgia Small Business Lender
$ 35,000
Support for a market analysis/needs assessment to identify the working capital needs of healthcare nonprofits in Georgia.

Georgia State University
$ 63,000
Support to assess the impact of Georgia's aging population on the demand for health services, revenue policy, and public financing of health care. Fisc RFP

Georgia State University - Institute of Public Health
$ 55,000
Support to prepare a non-partisan analysis of local public health financing, develop a budget framework for public health, and test it in the Northwest Georgia and East Georgia Health Districts. Fisc RFP

Georgia State University - Institute of Public Health
$ 420,000
Support to establish a statewide policy leadership program (PLAY) and serve as an organizational focal point to better understand and propose solutions to the problems of overweight and physical inactivity among Georgia's school-aged population.

Georgia State University - National Center on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
$ 10,000
Support for the symposium: ' Second Chance for Children: Embracing the Future' to be held May 11-13, 2005 in Atlanta to convene policymakers and researchers to respond to the emerging social issue of grandparents raising grandchildren.

Good Samaritan Health & Wellness Center, Inc.
$ 50,000
General operating support to coordinate healthcare and health education to medically underserved residents in Pickens County.

Goodwin Community Health Center, Inc.
$ 75,000
Support for a community health center serving the underinsured in Camden, Glynn and McIntosh counties to increase volunteer recruitment and training and deliver sustainable primary health care, pharmaceutical, and chronic disease management services.

Grantmakers In Aging, Inc.
$ 83,000
Support for a January 2005 Regional Issues Forum on healthy aging, providing opportunities for grantmakers to promote and strengthen grantmaking and address aging issues in Georgia.

Health Students Taking Action Together
$ 9,500
Support to host HSTAT's 3rd Annual Leadership Symposium on Preventing Childhood Obesity: HealthSTAT's Call to Action to be held October 23-24, 2004 at Morehouse School of Medicine.

Henry W. Grady Foundation, Inc.
$ 250,000
Support for the 24-hour Care Management Unit (CMU) to reduce emergency department use by improving the outpatient management of patients with ambulatory care sensitive conditions.

Hope Health Clinic, Inc.
$ 75,000
Support to expand primary healthcare services for the medically underserved of Spalding County, emphasizing disease management and education for diabetics.

Inner Summit, Inc.
$ 49,500
Support for an HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancy prevention program for young men and boys ages 11-17 in DeKalb and Fulton counties.

Jewish Family & Career Services Inc.
$ 77,000
Support to develop, implement and evaluate a workforce development program for direct service workers to become proficient paraprofessionals providing health information and supports to aging and developmentally disabled Metropolitan Atlanta residents.

Macon Volunteer Clinic, Inc.
$ 160,000
Support to provide primary health care services for working, un/underinsured Bibb County residents and to implement a comprehensive cancer screening program for those at high-risk of colorectal cancer.

Macon-Bibb County Health Department
$ 45,000
Support to assess the capacity of its public health infrastructure and to develop a five-year plan for improving capacity.

McKinney Community Health Center, Inc.
$ 75,000
Support to provide diabetes patient and community education in Southeast Georgia.

Morehouse School of Medicine, Inc.
$ 10,000
Support for the 4th annual Primary Care & Prevention Conference titled Improving Health, Eliminating Disparities to be held in Atlanta October 25-27, 2004.

National Council of La Raza
$ 7,000
Support for a planning grant to initiate the planning process for the Georgia Latino Health Agenda and Leadership Project, a project to convene Latino health professionals in Georgia.

National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Inc.
$ 5,500
Support to establish the Gene Matthews Public Health Law Lecture given at the annual Public Health Law conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

North Georgia Community Foundation
$ 27,000
Support to develop and disseminate healthcare data in northeast Georgia for the purpose of educating existing and potential donors about charitable giving opportunities to improve the health of Georgians.

Pastoral Institute, Inc.
$ 175,000
Support for Columbus Cares, a community based suicide prevention project in West Central Georgia to provide education and support of broad networks of community volunteers.

Porter Novelli
$ 200,000
Support for a third listening tour focused on policymakers and community leaders throughout Georgia who influence actions that affect health and health care in the state.

Professional Resources International, Inc. (PRI)
$ 9,500
Support to host a series of convenings between Ukraine health officials and Georgia-based health providers to address nursing shortages in the US healthcare system to be held in May 2004.

PsychSource, Inc.
$ 25,000
Support to expand its searchable web-database of mental health resources to include the metropolitan areas of Columbus, Macon, Augusta, Rome and Athens, Georgia.

Savannah Community Foundation, Inc.
$ 12,000
Support to educate donors about healthcare services by conducting an inventory of nonprofit health services, convening a health summit and producing a local health status report in southeast Georgia.

Southeast Community Research Center, Inc.
$ 95,000
Support to execute applied research and intervention projects from its cultivated network of community-researcher collaborations throughout Georgia.

Southeastern Council of Foundations
$ 7,500
Support for its 35th Annual Meeting to be held November 10-12, 2004.

St. Joseph's Candler Health System
$ 150,000
Support for St. Joseph’s/Candler African-American Health Information and Resource Center (Center) and the provision of health promotion, prevention and wellness programs that address health disparities among underserved and uninsured residents of Chatha

The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Inc.
$ 76,000
Support to educate donors about healthcare and homelessness in Georgia. [Grant Augmentation] funding for innovative programs related to: chronic disease case management; enrollment in public assistance programs that enhance access to health and social

University of Georgia - Georgia Center for Obesity and Related Disorders
$ 85,000
Support for bridge funding for the Washington-Wilkes County obesity intervention program and to develop and disseminate a guide to developing rural community health partnership based on this model.

Valley Healthcare System, Inc.
$ 50,000
General operating support to provide healthcare to underinsured and uninsured residents in south Columbus.

Wellsys Corporation
$ 89,500
Support for a state level evaluation of the impact of volunteers on the delivery of services by nonprofit health organizations, clients served by those organizations, and the nonprofit sector that relies on volunteerism.