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PSE leads a health equity conversation with Cook County Family Connection partners.

Health Equity

Healthcare Georgia Foundation recognizes there are many social and cultural factors that impact an individual,a family and a community’s’s health and well-being. Poverty, education, housing, employment, food security, and literacy are some of those health indicators.  

“Achieving health equity is a journey, not a destination. It requires a community’s courage and commitment.”
 — Nathaniel Smith, Partnership for Southern Equity

Arlene Parker Goldson and Nathaniel Smith (at left) of the Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) are assisting our Two Georgias Initiative Community Health Coalitions with understanding the pivotal role health equity plays in access to quality healthcare as they implement their local Community Health Improvement Plans.

PSE to expand engagement  and training opportunities in 2019

After facilitating health equity conversations last year in all 11 Georgia communities, PSE will coordinate two regional workshops and develop distance learning opportunities in 2019 to support coalition members’ continued learning around health equity and other issues of specific concern.

PSE will also add two Community Ambassadors to their Two Georgias team this year to work closely with the Initiative’s local Project Managers in southern and northern Georgia counties to provide support for community engagement and help identify strategies that enable residents to participate fully in shared decision-making. Click here for more information on the new PSE Community Ambassadors.



For more information on The Two Georgias Initiative contact:
Lisa Medellin, Director of Programs
phone: 404.653.0990

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