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Health Equity

Healthcare Georgia Foundation recognizes there are many social and cultural factors that impact an individual and a family’s health and well-being. Poverty, education, unemployment, food security, and literacy are some of those health indicators.  

Arlene Parker Goldson and Nathaniel Smith of the Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) are assisting our Two Georgias Initiative Community Health Partnerships with the pivotal role health equity plays in access to quality healthcare as they move forward with their local community health planning. 

Watch our video snapshot of the Appling County Community Health Partnership health equity training with PSE on February 19, 2018.

“Achieving health equity is a journey, not a destination. It requires courage and commitment on the part of a community.”
Nathaniel Smith, Partnership for Southern Equity

Watch PSE’s Nathaniel Smith address our Two Georgias Initiative Community Health Partnerships at the Foundation’s August 2017 Grantee Kickoff Event at the Mercer School of Medicine in Macon.

Arlene Parker Goldson and Nathaniel Smith

(Above: Arlene Parker Goldson (center) and Nathaniel Smith discussing health equity planning for the Two Georgias Community Health Partnerships with the Community Coaches, and Healthcare Georgia Foundation staff.)


For more information, contact:
Lisa Medellin, Senior Program Officer
phone: 404.653.0990

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