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Distance Learning: An Overview of Applied Behavior Analysis

This event has concluded. Please click here to view the presentation archive. 

Katrina M Wilburn-Beckhom, MS, BCBA
Program Director
Beckom Behavioral Consulting

Session Description:
Katrina Wilburn-Beckhom, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, will present educational content regarding an overview of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Ms. Wilburn-Beckhom will provide information about the three term contingency, reinforcements and basic strategies of ABA.

She will also discuss how the following relate to Applied Behavior Analysis:

  • Common Misconceptions of ABA
  • Seven Primary Characteristics of the Practice of ABA
  • Basic Principles (punishment concerns, negative and positive reinforcements for measuring behavior, extinction)
  • Teaching Procedures

Session Objectives:
Session participants will be:

  1. Acquire a basic understanding of the principles of ABA, particularly the three term contingency (Antecedents, Behavior, Consequences), reinforcements, and basic strategies.
  2. Acquire a basic knowledge of the primary functions of behavior.

Sowega Autism Resources, Inc.

Technology Requirements:
Participants registering for programs should have access to the following technology for best viewing and participation:

  • Personal computer with Macintosh or Windows with 512 MB of RAM
  • Broadband internet connection such as an office LAN, DSL, or cable modem
  • Phone next to personal computer (or speaker phone if multiple people are viewing)
  • Computer speakers (built-in or attached)
  • Latest version of Adobe Flash which can be downloaded for free at