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Distance Learning: Advances in Tobacco Cessation and Counseling Reimbursement

This event has concluded. Please click here to view the presentation archive.

Sponsor: Blue Ridge AHEC

Session Description: Advances in Tobacco Cessation and Counseling Reimbursement is a program designed for physicians and clinicians in the field of Primary Care and Obstetrics engaged in tobacco cessation counseling with their patients. This program will highlight the Ask and Act Model of tobacco cessation counseling as developed by the American Association of Family Physicians and will discuss best practices in working with patients to achieve their goals. In addition, participants will gain a better understanding of the counseling reimbursement process and learn what is necessary to bill for those services.

Session Objectives:
Participants will learn to:

  1. Utilize the Ask and Act model of cessation counseling to identify and increase intervention efforts between patients and practitioners.
  2. Receive reimbursement for providing cessation counseling
  3. Access and refer patients and community to state and local cessation support resources
  4. Access evidence based resources for educating staff, patients, and community about tobacco cessation

Technology Requirements:
Participants registering for programs should have access to the following technology for best viewing and participation:

  • Personal computer with Macintosh or Windows with 512 MB of RAM
  • Broadband internet connection such as an office LAN, DSL, or cable modem
  • Phone next to personal computer (or speaker phone if multiple people are viewing)
  • Computer speakers (built-in or attached)
  • Latest version of Adobe Flash which can be downloaded for free at