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Distance Learning: Advocates in Action

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Andrea Collins, Regional Director, Programs & Services
Arthritis Foundation, Southeast Region, Inc.

Jennifer Taylor McBride, Associate Director, Advocacy
Arthritis Foundation, Washington, DC

Cindy Ducker, State Advocacy Chair
Arthritis Foundation, Alabama Office

Sponsor: Three Rivers AHEC

Session Description:
Advocates in Action will highlight legislative priorities for arthritis on a federal level-what is being done in Washington, DC to improve the lives of those living with arthritis. It will also cover access to care for arthritis- how to become a more powerful advocate for your own care. Lastly, this session will highlight grassroots advocacy from an arthritis advocates perspective- how to build a relationship with members of congress to obtain 100% sponsorship of Arthritis Prevention, Control and Cure Act.

Session Objectives:

During these sessions, participants will be able to:

  1. Increase knowledge of Arthritis Foundation Advocacy initiatives on the federal level.
  2. Identify resources available where there are barriers to care (access to care is limited), and to understanding Medicare coverage.
  3. Discuss grass root advocacy in relation to the Arthritis Foundation and review steps to communicate and build relationships with members of Congress.

Technology Requirements:
Participants registering for programs should have access to the following technology for best viewing and participation:

  • Personal computer with Macintosh or Windows with 512 MB of RAM
  • Broadband internet connection such as an office LAN, DSL, or cable modem
  • Phone next to personal computer (or speaker phone if multiple people are viewing)
  • Computer speakers (built-in or attached)
  • Latest version of Adobe Flash which can be downloaded for free at

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