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Distance Learning: Benefits to Becoming a Teaching Health Site

This event has concluded. Please check back soon to view the presentation archive.

Donna Newsome, Executive Director
Medical Director, Dr. Faheem Nusrat
Tri-County Health System, Inc.

Sponsor: Foothills AHEC

Session Description:
Providing clinical training for health professions students in a community based setting can be a win-win situation. Students' benefit from the experience, the preceptors benefit from new ideas and techniques currently being taught in the academic health sciences institutions and the practice site benefits from the opportunity to recruit future healthcare providers. This program is designed to enhance the knowledge of FQHC's, Rural Health Clinics, Multi-Specialty Practices and other Health Clinics on the benefits to becoming a teaching health site.

Session Objectives:

  1. To provide an overview of the benefits to becoming a teaching health site.
  2. To review strategies in recruiting students
  3. To discuss what is the impact on staff productivity
  4. To provide an over on what students bring to a facility

Technology Requirements:
Participants registering for programs should have access to the following technology for best viewing and participation:

  • Personal computer with Macintosh or Windows with 512 MB of RAM
  • Broadband internet connection such as an office LAN, DSL, or cable modem
  • Phone next to personal computer (or speaker phone if multiple people are viewing)
  • Computer speakers (built-in or attached)
  • Latest version of Adobe Flash which can be downloaded for free at