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Mental Health Awareness Month Spotlight Organization: View Point Health

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Healthcare Georgia Foundation will be shining a spotlight on organizations across Georgia that are working to raise awareness of mental health issues, provide services, and advocate for fair and equitable access to mental health care.

The Foundation’s next organization to be highlighted is View Point Health, and below you’ll find the contents of our recent interview with the group.


When was View Point Health founded?

View Point Health was founded in 1976.


What is the mission of your organization? What are some of your goals?

To promote overall health and improve quality of life by ensuring the delivery of effective behavioral and physical health care that meets the needs of communities we serve.

Some goals include:

1.) To be a teaching and learning organization that supports entrepreneurial leaders as well as promotes the growth and development of the Behavioral Health field.

2.) Maintain a sound, fiscal environment where diversified fund sources support the growth and sustainability of programs and new initiatives within the agency.

3.) Enhance the organization’s infrastructure that supports our mission and the individuals we serve through efficient, effective and reliable facilities and systems.

4.) Maximize positive community partnerships that enhance our care, creativity and recovery-focused resources.

5.) Engage individuals in meaningful, personal interactions that inspire hope on day one by offering alternative choices of high-quality care, respecting their choices and resulting in improved outcomes.


What services does your organization provide?

Acute Services, Intensive Services, Specialty Services, Outpatient Services, and Prevention & Early Intervention services for mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities.


Which area(s) of Georgia do you service?

Gwinnett, Rockdale, and Newton Counties


What is your fee structure for services provided?

View Point Health fees are established by the State of Georgia on a sliding scale based on family size and amount of income.


What is the one thing you wish more people understood about mental health and mental health services? What is your hope for the future in terms of mental health access and care?

“I wish that more people understood how very common mental illness is. One in five Georgians have experienced behavioral health-related issues. Many, while perhaps not personally affected, have loved ones with a mental health diagnosis; however, oftentimes it seems as though mental illness is as pervasive as it is misunderstood. Because of this limited understanding, it is stigmatized, and in many cases remains unreported to mental health professionals and thus untreated. The same stigma does not exist for physical health problems and the associated shame creates barriers to seeking treatment. This is particularly concerning in light of the fact that while data suggests 20 percent of people struggle with mental health issues, the number is probably in fact much higher.  The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the problem and threatens to cause a mental health epidemic. My hope for the future is that mental health problems are destigmatized, barriers to a robust continuum of care are eliminated, and individuals who need access to comprehensive mental health care feel more comfortable seeking it.” –Ashlee Russell, View Point Health


How can individuals reach out to your organization to learn more about your work?

Through our access line (678) 209-2411 or by visiting


Is there anything else you’d like to share?

We are a community behavioral health center utilizing a team of psychiatrists, nurses, licensed counselors and social workers, as well as other professionals to provide services to individuals who need treatment and support to cope with mental illness, substance abuse, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. View Point Health serves uninsured, underinsured, low-income Medicaid, Medicare, war veterans and some private insurance across multiple locations with a full continuum of behavioral health services and supports. The services provided by View Point Health contribute to the reduction in homelessness, reduction in crime and subsequent incarcerations, higher graduation rates, lower dropout rates, decreased ER visits and decreased inpatient admissions. Services are client-centered, trauma informed and recovery-focused including behavioral health assessment, psychiatric evaluation, medication management, group and individual therapy, family therapy, peer support, psychosocial rehabilitation, assertive community treatment, community based case management, high fidelity wrap around, housing, supported employment, court services, crisis intervention, on-site pharmacy services, rehabilitation services, brief residential crisis stabilization services, short-term substance abuse residential treatment as well as developmental disability day services and group homes. View Point Health partners with two Federally Qualified Health Centers in the communities we serve to offer primary care to our clients. Clients are able to access behavioral health treatment and primary care services in the same building and many times on the same day. This focus on integrated health services and wellness allows providers to communicate about client care and improve overall outcomes.

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