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Online Data Portal Features Healthcare Measures for Georgia Communities 

Healthcare Georgia Foundation is pleased to partner with the Health Analytics Group at the Georgia Institute of Technology to provide an interactive web-based data portal to help rural communities in Georgia access healthcare measures that can inform interventions and policies to improve community health.

The measures are available as maps and as downloadable raw data.

The types of data and measures available through the data portal include:

  • Healthcare Access: Travel Distance (Street-distance in miles) and Percent Covered (Percent of population not having access)
  • Disease Prevalence: Estimates (including treated and not treated) and In-Treatment (including only treated)
  • Medicaid Healthcare Utilization: Utilization Rate (percentage of population using care) and Exposure Rate (number of care visits per Medicaid member per year)

Most measures will be available at both the census tract and county levels. Census tracts are proxies of communities or neighborhoods.

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