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Our Organizational Learning

Healthcare Georgia Foundation is committed to learning from both our successes and our challenges. One important aspect of evaluation is the ability to see what works and what doesn’t so that we can continue to enhance our learning and improve our  grantmaking.

Each day allows us to learn new lessons to become more effective as a strategic grant making organization. As a result of 15 years of grantmaking, the Foundation has learned key lessons that guide us now and in the future:

  • Be clear about what the Foundation wants to accomplish with each grant program and initiative.
  • Recognize that sustainable change takes time.
  • Carefully match grant strategies with anticipated grant outcomes.
  • Understand the context for the work, the capacity of current and/or potential partners, and the level of readiness for change.

As a learning community, Healthcare Georgia Foundation is committed to achieving greater accountability and transparency. The Foundation regularly convenes grantees and community partners to receive feedback on the impact of our grantmaking in Georgia communities. Recent Listen, Learn, and Lead convenings at the Foundation are highlighted below:

Georgia Charitable Care Network mini grantees sharing their learnings at the Foundation.

Childhood Obesity Prevention Program grantees, program evaluators, and Foundation staff.

Sheryl McCalla, American College of Rheumatology (right); and Tina Nguyen (left) and Trinh Pham of BOAT People SOS recently shared the impact of their Direct Services grant funding to Foundation staff members.

2018 Grantee Survey

As a learning organization, Healthcare Georgia Foundation strives to continuously improve its grantmaking and management processes to better serve the organizations that apply for and receive grants from the Foundation.  The grantee and Applicant Survey has been conducted six times (2003, 2005, 2009, 2001, 2015, and 2018) with slight modifications made to reflect organizational changes that occurred at the Foundation. 

Community Evaluation Solutions was engaged to conduct the latest iteration of the survey which included 32 questions including several new questions pertaining to areas the Foundation is explored as part of its strategic planning process.

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