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June, 2020

We Choose A Better Future!

The mission of Healthcare Georgia Foundation is to enable, improve, and advance the health and well-being of all Georgians. Our work has focused on the promotion of HEALTH EQUITY… where all individuals regardless of age, gender, race, culture, education, income, or geography are able to attain their fullest potential for HEALTH and well-being.

Healthcare Georgia Foundation recognizes that the people and communities in our state and nation who suffer from recent and historical physical, psychological, social, and spiritual injustices also bear unfortunate generational consequences from circumstances and conditions knowingly and willfully forced upon them. We believe that these vulnerable communities can never achieve their fullest potential for HEALTH until we fully advocate for true HEALTH EQUITY which will not happen until those injustices are finally acknowledged and definitively addressed.

Because we cannot sit idly by, we are determined to
Choose A Better Future!

We choose a better future where

  • the cries of those wounded by injustice no longer go unheard
  • the inequalities in communities of color are no longer ignored
  • structural and systemic racism are no longer given safe harbor, and
  • exposing racism is no longer met with resistance–or worst of all, complacency.


We choose a better future where…

  • power and privilege no longer determine opportunity
  • diversity, inclusion, and engagement are the currency for policy negotiation
  • communities of color have voice in the purposeful distribution of resources
  • housing, education, transportation, and affordable healthcare are seen as critical infrastructure elements, and
  • laws, policies, and practices are devoid from implicit bias.


We choose a better future where…

  • unconscious bias is dutifully self-examined
  • empathy, compassion, and healing flow freely, and
  • basic human needs are acknowledged and unconditionally addressed.


We choose a better future where we will…

  • stand in solidarity with victims of injustice
  • foster an environment where victims receive swift and equitable relief
  • elevate the value of accountability – internally and externally – to examine words and deeds that negatively impact vulnerable individuals and communities
  • address the systemic lack of integrity that allows unequal treatment of marginalized populations
  • optimize our investments through the lenses of justice, equity, and fairness
  • promote capacity-building transformation to ensure thriving communities, and
  • empower courageous and compassionate servant leadership for that new and better future.


Because we choose to believe that the conditions that affect one of us
are understood to affect all of us,
We Choose a Better Future!

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