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Program Impact Areas

Our strategic grantmaking will be directed to the initiatives listed below which align with one of the following four impact areas:

Addressing Health Disparities

Data confirms profound disparities in health outcomes for Georgians. These differences start before birth, extend through adolescence, and continue into adulthood. Healthcare Georgia Foundation seeks to reduce health disparities and achieve greater health equity among Georgians. Addressing Health Disparities is the Foundation’s strategic response to unequal access and outcomes among vulnerable populations.


Expanding Access to Quality, Affordable and Integrated Health Services

Primary care is the provision of integrated, accessible, patient-centered services by clinicians responsible for addressing a large majority of personal health care needs. The Foundation’s focus is on providing comprehensive, coordinated and integrated primary care for children, youth, and adults that facilitates sustained partnerships among individual patients, their personal clinicians, the patient’s family and the community.


Promoting Health and Preventing Disease

Within any Georgia community, there is also social, cultural, and environmental conditions that impact residents’ health. Promoting health enables individuals and communities to increase control of the determinants of health and improve health. The Foundation is committed to preventing disease, not only reducing risk factors, but also slowing the progression and reducing the consequences of disease. The Foundation will direct its resources to community-based population health improvements with an emphasis on vulnerable and underserved individuals and communities.


Strengthening Health Nonprofits, Programs, and Workforce

The Foundation believes that high-performing organizations delivering effective programs will achieve better health outcomes for clients, consumers, and patients. Strengthening health nonprofits, their programs/services, and their workforce is our philanthropic response to building accountable, transparent, and effective organizations throughout Georgia. The Foundation’s strategic approach in this impact area will include opportunities for health nonprofits to benefit from direct funding as well as from direct technical support programs and services available regardless of funding status.

For questions about the Impact Areas above contact:
Lisa Medellin, Director of Programs:
phone: 404.653.0990

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