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Mental Health Awareness Month Spotlight Organization: The Vashti Center for Children and Families

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Healthcare Georgia Foundation has been shining a spotlight on organizations across Georgia that are working to raise awareness of mental health issues, provide services, and advocate for fair and equitable access to mental health care.

The Foundation’s next organization to be highlighted this month is The Vashti Center for Children and Families, and below you’ll find the contents of our recent interview with the group.


When was The Vashti Center for Children and Families founded?

Our organization was founded in 1903.


What is the mission of your organization? What are some of your goals?

Vashti’s mission is “With God as our cornerstone, we foster healing, hope, and transformation to empower and promote resiliency in children, families and communities in Georgia.” Our mission is heavily tied to our organizational goals. We strive to serve children in Southwest Georgia by helping to provide them healing, hope, and transformation. Our goals include: shedding light on children’s mental health and ending the stigma around talking about mental health altogether; playing a key role in creating a more trauma-informed community through professional development, events, and advocacy efforts; and continuing to grow our school-based mental health program.


What services does your organization provide?

Individual therapy, family therapy, residential care, an afterschool clubhouse program, and a professional development program on trauma-informed care.


Which area(s) of Georgia do you service?

Our mental health outpatient program serves 6 counties in Southwest Georgia (Thomas, Decatur, Grady, Colquitt, Brooks, Seminole) and all 159 counties for our residential program.


What is your fee structure for services provided?

A child or family is covered by Medicaid, but we are unable to provide services for those with private insurance at this time.


What is the one thing you wish more people understood about mental health and mental health services? What is your hope for the future in terms of mental health access and care?

There is no shame in asking for help or accepting help. We hope all children and families realize how important it is to take care of their mental health. Mental health should be as big of a priority as your physical health. Our hope for the future is that mental health access and care is covered by insurance like physical health is, or even better completely covered by insurance providers.


How can individuals reach out to your organization to learn more about your work?

Please visit our website at or contact Alex English, Training & Development Manager, at



To learn more about the Vashti Center for Children and Families, check out their video below:

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