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Mental Health Awareness Month Spotlight Organization: The Confess Project

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Healthcare Georgia Foundation has been shining a spotlight on organizations across Georgia that are working to raise awareness of mental health issues, provide services, and advocate for fair and equitable access to mental health care.

The Foundation’s next organization to be highlighted this month is The Confess Project, and below you’ll find the contents of our recent interview with the group.


When was The Confess Project founded?

Our organization was founded in 2016.


What is the mission of your organization? What are some of your goals?

The Confess Project has the first and largest organization committed to building a culture of mental health for Black boys, men, and their families. How? We focus on empowering frontline heroes and sheroes in Communities across America. More specifically, we train barbers to be mental health advocates.


What services does your organization provide?

The Confess Project offers multiple services including our Barbers mental health advocate training, ACE’S & Trauma in Education Training Course, Beyond the Barbershop Training Course, Trauma Informed Care & Resiliency Course, free virtual parenting workshops, free suicide prevention courses, and much more!


Which area(s) of Georgia do you service?

We service Atlanta, Georgia.


What is your fee structure for services provided?

Multiple of our services are free, but some of our in-person training that require travel have fees. Check out our “events” section on our website to see what free trainings, events, and opportunities we have coming up!


What is the one thing you wish more people understood about mental health and mental health services? What is your hope for the future in terms of mental health access and care?

We wish that more people understood that Black boys and men struggle with their mental health as well. The Confess Project is committed to changing the narrative of mental health for young Black boys, men, and their families. In 2020, we are partnering with Gillette as part of their The Best Men Can Be campaign to bring our “State of Mind” tour to 16 cities all over the country. Since then, we have now trained over 1,300 barbers in over 46 cities to be mental health advocates for their family, friends, and community. Our hope is to help create a world where Black boys and men feel empowered through sharing their mental health struggles, and have the resources and support to get the help and advocacy they need. We won’t stop advancing our mission until we see the life expectancy for Black boys and men increase, and legislation that ensures it lasts. Your struggles don’t need to be kept a secret anymore. Wanna win at life? Let’s talk.


How can individuals reach out to your organization to learn more about your work?

You can reach out by going to our contact page:



To learn more about the The Confess Project, check out their video below:


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