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Understanding the Landscape: Mental Health Access for African American and Latinx Children and Youth in the State of Georgia

In 2019, Healthcare Georgia Foundation adopted its current five-year strategic plan, which included Behavioral/Mental Health Services as an exploratory priority area. The Foundation recently completed its due diligence on this area with an environmental scan to gain insight into the challenges and opportunities to address inequities in accessing Georgia’s behavioral/mental health services for African-American and Latinx youth.

In 2021, the Foundation partnered with Pierluigi Mancini, President of the Multicultural Development Institute, Inc., and Virginia Dick, Principal of Next Step Evaluation to create a white paper that examined the behavioral and mental health landscape in Georgia. This publication specifically focuses on understanding the accessibility and barriers for African American and Latinx youth and contains interviews with focus groups to gain firsthand accounts from those with lived experience. In this white paper you’ll find detailed information regarding the current state of Georgia’s behavioral and mental health services, variations in urban and rural services, evidence based and promising practices to reach high-risk populations, recommendations, and more. If you have any questions about this publication, please reach out to the Foundation at

Click here to read the full white paper:

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