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Throughout Georgia, all communities have extraordinary individuals and organizations that are committed to improving the quality of health and healthcare of those they serve. The hard work and dedication of these heroes makes a difference in the quality of life of all Georgians. Healthcare Georgia Foundation’s Joseph D. Greene Community Service Award honors these extraordinary individuals, nonprofit health organizations, and community collaboratives. By recognizing those who inspire and lift others up, we hope that Mr. Greene’s legacy of community service will continue through the work of others.

Individual Award Nomination Guidelines

Five individuals will be selected for the 2022 Joseph D. Greene Community Service Award.

Individual award nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a volunteer or previous volunteer for a health-related nonprofit organization in Georgia. All levels of volunteer participation are strongly encouraged. Nominees may include:
    • Lay volunteers
    • Health-related volunteers including: Clinics, community leaders, patients, and health navigators
    • Community volunteers who champion or exemplify attributes consistent with promoting healthy lifestyles within their communities to benefit their residents
    • Community Health Workers, Promotores, and Resource Mothers
    • Nurses and other healthcare practitioners who volunteer their services
    • Board members who exhibit exemplary service beyond required board responsibility
    • Have made a passionate commitment to improving the quality of health in a Georgia community
    • Have unselfishly contributed their time to community activities
    • Serve as a role model and inspiration to others



Collaborative Award Nomination Guidelines

One community collaborative (comprised of not more than 20 health-related Georgia nonprofit organizations) will be selected for this award.

Collaborative award nominees must meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate that the collaborative partners are actively working together for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Represent partnership models working towards promising practices and results
  • Show initiative and a deep commitment to addressing health-related needs of a Georgia community
  • Demonstrate that the collaborative effort has been effective in improving the health of a Georgia community
  • Reflect a diverse mosaic in its membership that is inclusive and engaged

For more information, contact:
Lisa Medellin, Director of Programs
phone: 404.653.0990

For more information, contact:
Samantha Beasley, Program Assistant
phone: 404.653.0990

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